RSS games resource en-us Dune Buggy Collect stars and try to stay upright while racing your dune buggy Avoid Skulls 4 Wheel Madness Try out your monster truck skills online for free Complete every level and beat the record scores Stunt Dirt Bike An extremely challenging and legendary game Unlock many different bikes to play easy moderate and complex levels Uphill Rush Race your bike truck quad or skateboard over hills Collect turbo by doing three-sixty spins Z turbo Truck Mania Get your truck to the delivery point without wrecking it Stunt Master Drive or run and try to damage your vehicle and the stuntman Have fun Car Park Challenge Find a free parking space for non-handicapped people and park your car before time runs out Don t hit shopping carts or vehicles Uphill Rush 2 Collect coins and perform stunts Arrow keys to ride your bike Uphill Rush 4 Amazing sequel in the Uphill Rush series Can you make it all the way uphill Choose what you want to drive earn cash and upgrades along the way unlock tracks and become the racing champion Freeway Fury 2 You re rocking the freeway Cause as much damage as you can without dying Left and right arrow keys to steer up arrow key to use turbo Spacebar to get on the roof of your car hold and press arrow keys to jump to other cars Have fun Drivers Ed 2 Obey the rules of the chosen instructor Use arrow keys to control your car Sim Taxi Brilliant taxi game Pick up your customers and deliver them to their destination Upgrade your taxi and watch out for the cops Uphill Rush 3 Third game in the addicting bike game series of Uphill Rush Dare Devil Use the up and down arrow keys to accelerate and brake Press left and right arrow keys to lean forwards and backwards A S and D keys for great tricks and stunts 3D Rally Racing Drive your Toyota Celica or Ford Focus and unlock all five tracks by placing first on each track Drag Racer v3 Win against your opponents in this great Drag Racing game Spacebar for gas UP and DOWN arrows to change gears Customize your rides and win your races Sports Heads Soccer 2 Beat your opponents by scoring more goals and win the championship Arrow keys to move UP arrow key to jump spacebar to kick Earn to Die The apocalypse happened on planet Earth You re the only survivor You have to make it to the helicopter to escape so you better get in your car Smash zombies and do stunts to earn money for upgrades Arrow keys to drive mouse to purchase things Have fun Park My Car Park the expensive cars of the stars in the parking lot But look out that you don t damage the cars Earn to Die 2012 You have crashed in the zombie filled desert and must reach a gas station or die Earn money to improve your car and see how far you can get before you re out of fuel WASD controls Monster Truck Curfew You need to get home before your curfew The only saving grace is that you ve got huge wheels to run over anything in the way How many cars can you squash before home Cyclomaniacs Get on your bike and compete in various races in amazing places Play as various characters and try to be first in all competitions Freeway Fury Unleash your freeway fury Arrow keys to drive spacebar to get on the roof of your car Drivers Ed Parking Your objective in this cool parking flash game is to park your car perfectly Use your arrow keys to move your car In each level you have to park your car on the exact place Do it as fast as you can and with the least crashes possible to earn the highes Dirt Bike 3 Have fun in the third sequel of the dirt bike series Try to predict how your bike will react Try not to flip over Have fun The Heist Complete all tasks on the roadway Downhill Jam Downhill Jam is a cool skating game make a free ride in the centre of the city don t crash Territory War Create your team of stick men and eliminate the other team choose which battle to play name your players and fight till the death Each player gets their turn to impact some damage make sure you use your turn wisely Raft Wars Defeat your opponents with the least amount of shots possible and earn money Spend your money on upgrades after the battle br Use your mouse to aim and fire Ice Racer User your super car to drive around cool terrain and get there in one piece before the time runs out